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The analog camera - more current than ever

When the large film manufacturer Kodak had to file for bankruptcy, everyone thought that analog photography would simply disappear and become a mere memory in the form of picture albums kept in basements . For a long time it at least looked like it. But today, the analog camera is experiencing an upswing not seen since the golden age of photography with 35-millimeter film. Young people in particular are being swept away by the trend and are beginning to find their love for the analog camera. Nothing to this day can replicate the uniquely noisy look and the colors of real film. A true renaissance There are still companies that have always believed in the preservation of 35-millimeter film as a cultural asset. Today, for example, more and more companies are once again producing negative and slide film. Fujifilm in particular is experiencing brisk sales with its instant film systems. But disposable cameras are also increasingly appearing at parties and in nightlife. The big name Leica, which has contributed a great deal to the analog camera myth, continues to rely on film with several system viewfinder cameras. A return to real photography Nothing can compare with the thrilling feeling when you take a freshly developed film out of the spool and the first pictures appear in the negative and you know whether the photographs are good and have been correctly exposed. Precisely because of the tension and because of the surprise moments, analog photography will remain with us for a long time.

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Kodak M35 Camera

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Fujifilm Instax PAL

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Ilford Sprite 35-II

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Leica SOFORT 2

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