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Top 5 photo spots in the Allg?u
Reading time: 8 minutes - October 27, 2023 - by Lukas Richter

Top 5 photo spots in the Allg?u

Hello everyone,

My name is Lukas Richter and I am a young landscape photographer from the beautiful Allg?u region. The Allg?u, a region in the south of Germany, is known for its breathtaking nature, picturesque villages and charming towns. It offers countless opportunities for enthusiastic photographers who want to capture the beauty of this region. In this blog post, I will introduce you to the five most beautiful photo spots in the Allg?u:

Photo: Lukas Richter

1. Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

These two fairytale castles, perched on the hills, offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The best time for photos is in autumn, when the forests are ablaze with vibrant colors.

Photo: Lukas Richter
Photo: Lukas Richter

2. Squirrel forest in Fischen

The squirrel forest in Fischen is an enchanting place to photograph the local wildlife. Here you can observe squirrels in their natural environment and capture them jumping between the trees and along the paths. It is a true paradise for wildlife photographers.

Photo: Lukas Richter
Photo: Lukas Richter
Photo: Lukas Richter

3. Seealpsee near Oberstdorf

The Seealpsee near Oberstdorf is a picturesque mountain lake in the middle of the Allg?u Alps. Surrounded by green meadows and rugged peaks, this place offers a breathtaking backdrop for nature photographers. Especially in the evening, when the lake is as smooth as glass, you can capture fascinating reflections here.

Photo: Lukas Richter
Photo: Lukas Richter

4. Litnisschrofen

The Litnisschrofen is a striking mountain peak in the Allg?u and an ideal location for landscape photography. From here you have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The Litnisschrofen offers a magical backdrop for photographers, especially at sunrise.

5. The Gr?nten

The Gr?nten, also known as the "Guardian of the Allg?u", is the perfect place for panoramic shots. From its summit, there is a breathtaking view of the entire Allg?u and the surrounding Alps. Whether at sunrise or sunset, the view is worth the climb.

Photo: Lukas Richter
PhotoLukas Richter
Photo: Lukas Richter

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