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Repair service for photographic equipment & Co.

We always take care to offer only high-quality goods. However, should a defect occur, we will be happy to take care of the repair for you.
Please note: There is a possibility that the workshop will reset your device to factory settings. This will delete the data you have saved. Please remember to back up your data before handing it in.

If a defect occurs during this process, you have several options. You can send the defective device directly to the manufacturer or their authorized workshop, which is usually the quicker way, or you can send it to us and we will pass it on. Important: Please enclose a copy of the invoice (copy of proof of purchase) and a description of the fault with the shipment in the event of a warranty claim.

1. Warranty claim:

Send the defective devices

  • directly to the manufacturer or their authorized workshop:
    You can usually find information about repairs in the service section of the manufacturer's website. This is usually the quickest way, as there is no need to go through Foto Koch
  • or to Foto Koch
    We will be happy to forward the goods to the manufacturer or their authorized workshop for you and inform you as soon as the repair has been completed.

2. No warranty case:

If there is no warranty because the period has expired or the fault is due to your own fault (e.g. defect caused by sand in the body), please send the goods with a brief description of the fault to Foto Koch.
A cost estimate will then be drawn up, which will be charged at 35.00 per device (50.00 for camcorders, TV & HiFi devices) if you do not have the repair carried out.

3. full protection:

Did you opt for full protection when you purchased your device? Then you are covered against almost all types of defects during the insurance period.
Please send the defective device to with a brief description of the fault. We will then take care of the rest.

Hifi & Foto KOCH GmbH
for repair pick-up
Schadowstra?e 60/62
40212 D?sseldorf Germany

Do you have any questions? Then you can contact the service team at, they will be happy to help you.

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